Temporarily Closed

What a shit show!!!  Seriously, COVID has really put the sting on Las Vegas.  However, Nite Tours Las Vegas is weathering the storm.  As much as we are itching to get our tours going, we have decided to stay closed until we can offer the best night life experience, hassle free! What does that mean? […]

Darin Feth Created Nite Tours Club Crawls

The Worlds First Club Crawl Nite Tours was created in early 1989 by Darin Feth, a man whose primary goal at one time was to make people laugh as a professional comedian.  In 1990, Darin Feth incorporated his company and started the long road of designing  tours to suit the lifestyles of people around the world, […]

Doing Our Part in the Community

Safety and Health of all our Global Customers “It is now apparent that this is a public health crisis that requires major collective action to slow its progression, “This is a Temporary Closure and will reopen our Tours as soon as it is safe to do so.  Nite Tours will continue to support our employees, […]

Bachelorette Fling Before the Ring

You Book 5, Bride Goes 4 Free! What better way to celebrate your last night out as a bachelorette than in Vegas on a Nite Tour? Our packages are completely customizable because we understand that every bachelorette party is as unique as the bride-to-be. So whether your idea of your last night out is a VIP Club […]

COVID-19 or CoronaVirus Las Vegas

COVID-19 & Your Health Nite Tours and Earth Buses, takes the CoronaVirus very seriously.  A virus like the COVID-19 can not only wipe out human life, but it also kills small business.  NHL, NCAA, NBA and MBL are all suspended until further notice.  Which means Fewer people are travelling and going out into public in […]

Las Vegas VIP Club Crawl

As the #1 selling Las Vegas nightlife tour experience, the Nite Tours Las Vegas VIP Club Crawl offers an unforgettable opportunity to experience Las Vegas’ best nightlife as a VIP. In one night you will experience The Top selection of Las Vegas’s most famous A-List nightclubs while escorted by your own certified Nite Tours VIP […]

The Definitive Guide: Las Vegas Club Crawl- Crawling in Style

Las Vegas Bachelor Party

Ever wanted to experience Las Vegas night life with class, style and in a true party goer experience? Well fortunately for you now you can! Las Vegas is home to the number one group of party goers known in the world: Nite Tours Las Vegas. That is right! Las Vegas Nite Tours is the ultimate […]

Las Vegas Party Bus

VIP Nite Tours Events What comes to mind when you think about a Vegas Party Bus Tour? A nightclub on wheels!  That’s exactly what Nite Tours ®- the ultimate nightlife tour company in Vegas offers. We named our Vegas party bus the “Nightclub on Wheels” because we just don’t offer transportation between the hottest clubs […]

Las Vegas Event for YOU!

Click To View the Nite Tours Events New Video Nite Tours Club Crawl Events focus is on Quality, Service & Value.  We will do all we can to honor any request you have for you and your friends on one of our Tours.  We strive to suit any budget as we know your holiday can […]

Letting Loose in Las Vegas

Ever visit a city ready to “Let Loose” and then you find out that your whole night/vacation was ruined by going to the wrong places?  The Concierge tells you a place that is great for him or her, but not for you.  Or maybe your friends recommended a place that was cool when they visited, […]