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Raise Your Glasses Aboard the Ultimate Party on Wheels!

Every party-goer knows that the right drink can make or break the night. With Nite Tours’ Party Bus, we ensure that your glass is not just filled, but overflowing with premium choices. Dive into the realm of unlimited drinks and beverages, and let the party begin even before you reach your destination!

Why Unlimited Drinks on the Nite Tours Party Bus?

1. Non-Stop Celebration: Why wait to get to the club when you can start the celebration right on the bus? Our unlimited drinks ensure the party vibe kicks in from the moment you step aboard.

2. A Taste for Everyone: Whether you’re a cocktail aficionado, a beer lover, or someone who enjoys a soft drink, our expansive beverage menu caters to every palate.

3. Cost-Efficient: Say goodbye to exorbitant bar tabs. With unlimited drinks included on the Party Bus, enjoy a pocket-friendly night of revelry without compromising on quality.

4. Safety First: Drinking on the Party Bus means no DUI risks. Let us drive you around while you enjoy your beverages, ensuring everyone gets home safe and sound.

What’s on the Menu?

– Signature Cocktails: Crafted by experienced mixologists, our signature cocktails are sure to add a splash of excitement to your night.

– Selection of Beers: From popular lagers to unique craft beers, our selection promises a bubbly experience.

– Premium Spirits: For those who prefer their drinks straight up or with a mixer of their choice.

– Non-Alcoholic Beverages: A range of sodas, mocktails, and juices to ensure even non-drinkers have a glass in hand.