Why Use Nite Tours – FAQ

Why you should use Nite Tours for your Event!

Why should I take a Nite Tours?

Nite Tours is the pioneer and leader of night life tourism with over 29 years’ developing and perfecting the nightlife experience.  Nite Tours created the world famous club crawl in 1990 and every year we are adding touches to enhance the customers experience.

Nite Tours continues to grow on a global scale with over 3,000,000 customers in several countries. Our nightlife experience is includes Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, New York, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, London, Dublin and Hong Kong.

Nite Tours is the preferred tour company working closely with the top DMC’s, Travel Agent companies, Airlines, OTA’s, Hotels and Receptive tour operators.  Noted by the Chamber of Commerce and Tourism Bureau’s  as the night life company for their city, with exclusive rights to most all night clubs, night life venues, evening attractions and a preferred partner with live shows.

Nite Tours is constantly researching and developing new innovative tours by night to offer a safe, entertaining environment for your clients to see the best night life in a city whether it be night clubs, champagne history tour or a Ghost Hunt, Nite Tours is the leader in night life tourism on a global scale.

Whether you are a tourist, bachelorette, or a corporation seeking a fun safe evening out in the big city, Nite Tours guarantees each experience!!!

Which companies are you similar to?

There are companies that have copied Nite Tours and some of them are good companies.  However, Nite Tours is always changing and developing the customers experience as well as upgrading all of our equipment (all party buses are 2018 or 2020).  To be honest, we believe that Nite Tours is the leader in this industry, there is no comparison.  The company is continually developing new innovative tours products for night life around the world – but you be the judge!

How long have you been in business?

Opened in 1989, operating first tour in 1990.  Tested the global market in 1996-2000. Opened Las Vegas in 2006, testing global expansion each year.  Nite Tours is the inventor of the world famous Club Crawl and the fist every Party Bus

Are you growing?

Yes.  We are growing. in 2015 Nite Tours Las Vegas nightlife was growing to new cities around the US, Canada and Europe. in 2018, Nite Tours Las Vegas nightlife decided to restructure and revamp the company focus.  We are now presently growing in a natural state, taking our time to perfect each city for longevity to make sure the nightlife Club Crawl is perfect in every city.  2020 will open Hong Kong and London with a few US cities such as Chicago and Indianapolis.

What travel companies do you work with?

Nite Tours Las Vegas nightlife works with only the most highly regarding travel brands including Orbitz, Priceline.com, Hotelbeds.com, Expedia, Virgin Holidays, EBG, NewYork.com, Allegiant Airlines, WestJet Airlines, Tourico, HIS, American Airlines, and MGM Hotels, Caesars Entertainment, SPG, Hilton Hotels as well as thousands of OTA’s, DMC’s and thousands of medium and small sized travel agencies.

How many tours do you currently offer? Where are these tours located?

We offer luxury limo bus experiences on our club tours, walking tours, and an array of other tours pending the city you are visiting.  Nite Tours focus is strictly night life, anything after 6PM – 3AM

Who are your competitors?

Directly we have no competitors that have stood the test of time by being in business for over 2 years. Indirectly live shows, concerts, VIP Hosts selling door tickets however our strategy is to work and feed everyone in a city.

Who owns Nite Tours?

Darin Feth, who created the club crawl and the luxury party bus while travelling from city to city as a stand up comedian.  Mr. Feth, a multi-Award Winning Entrepreneur, has traveled the world developing new innovative technology to enhance the clients experience on each and every Nite Tours in every city.

What price are the tours and what is included?

Nite Tours sells tours anywhere from $49 per person.  Nite Tours will offer value added specials on a regular basis such as, please watch the website for them.  Most all Nite Tours Las Vegas night life tries to encourage all inclusive, so there is a minimal cost to the client while on the tour. such as open bar on the luxury buses, all cover charges included, all transportation, private tour host and so on…

How many customers do you have a night?

Nite Tours Las Vegas night life has an average of 300 people per night and over 1,000 peoople on weekends. you would never know that Nite Tours Las Vegas has that many night life parties out on tours as we make each tour as exclusive and private as we can to enhance the customers experience.

I have questions about my Tour or my clients Tour?

We ask that you send your Nite Tours booking to Sales@NiteTourslasvegas.com  or call our toll free number at anytime.  Your booking will include the customer name, tour name, tour date & time, number of participants, and the customer’s email and cell phone.  In your booking receipt, we ask that you offer each client that books a Nite Tours the “Voucher” information we supply you with.  The client then has to contact Nite Tours 48 hour prior to their tour to confirm their tour.

If I receive a tour request, how quickly do I need to respond?

Tour line up and starting locations can change due to corporate buy outs, etc. We ask that you contact Nite Tours 48 hours prior to your tour to confirm any changes or view our “Updates Page” on our site.

How close to the departure time of the tour can I book?

A client can book up to 6PM the day of the tour.  However, we ask they book in advance so they are not disappointed as Nite Tours has and can sell out.  you can also pay at the check in location, however we can not guarantee that we will not be sold out.  if you can, please book online to confirm your seat.

Is there a minimum number of participants in order to operate a Nite Tours?

No, Nite Tours runs no matter what! If you are booking for 10 or 100 Nite Tours will accommodate you!

What is your cancellation policy?

We provide customers a full refund if they cancel their tour at least 10 days from the date of the tour.  There is a high demand for Nite Tours and when a seat is sold it’s tough to put it back on the market as each seat is assigned in our system.

Where is your headquarters located?

Nite Tours International LLC                         

North America

11700 W. Charleston Blvd

Las Vegas, NV

89135 United States

Night Tours International LTD


Trident Court,

1 Oakcroft Road,

Chessington, Surrey.

KT9 1BD United Kingdom