Temporarily Closed

What a shit show!!!  Seriously, COVID has really put the sting on Las Vegas.  However, Nite Tours Las Vegas is weathering the storm.  As much as we are itching to get our tours going, we have decided to stay closed until we can offer the best night life experience, hassle free!

What does that mean? Well, it means when we/you dont have to wear masks, worry about social distancing nor worry if a night club or attraction will remain open due to government restrictions.  We pride ourselves on a tour that is care free, fun with people making new friends from around the world with lots of dancing, drinking and laughter.  Right now, we are not even sure if your smiling with that mask on your face!

If the nightclubs are open, then why is Nite Tours not operating?  Nite Tours Las Vegas is very cautious with your experience.  How pumped up are you when you buy your ticket to party in Las Vegas?  EXACTLY!!!  Most of our clients book several months in advance from all over the world.  If for any reason a nightclub closes or something happens, your holiday is ruined.  Yes, we will give 100% refund, but we are not in the business of taking bookings and refunding/cancelling bookings and then having our clients upset with us.  We sell FUN and an Experience that creates memories which will last a lifetime.  If we are not able to offer you the most amazing experience, then its not worth doing at all.  For now, we are not accepting tours until we know that the Nite Tours experience will be over the top for you and your friends!

GQ, LA Times, NY Times, Las Vegas Weekly and articles around the world have shared 31 years of Nite Tours story of success. Nite Tours offers a nightlife experience that is second to none and we want to keep it that way.   We want to continue the experience by having our partners write positive reviews and be happy with the number one nightlife tourism company in the world.

When Will Nite Tours be Open?  Without a crystal ball, we dont know, but we are being extremely cautious.  We are not going anywhere, and we are not sitting around waiting either. In fact we are working on deals for expansion and increasing the value of our tours to ellevate your experience on Nite Tours.  We are presently looking at night club options to start all tours in each city, looking at new bus partnerships such as Earth Buses (one of the best transportation companies on the planet), as well as new training guidelines and new experiences and tours that will bring on new technology.  as Brian Adams said in his song “Everything I do, I do it for you…”