Q & A Las Vegas

Frequently Asked Questions  Las Vegas
Q. What are the most popular clubs in Las Vegas?
A. Las Vegas provides numerous clubs where you can get a safe, fun, friendly experience. Below is the list of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas.
1. Omnia at Ceasars
2. XS at Wynn
3. Hakkasan at MGM Grand
4. Tao Nightclub at Venetian
Seeing all of these spectacular clubs is very difficult as they are spread out, line ups are usually 1 – 2 hours long and the cover charges can set you back a few dollars.  the best way to see the best nightlife would be through Nite Tours Las Vegas VIP Club Crawl.
Q. I am not a club person, where else can I go to enjoy music and drinks?
A. Head over towards TMobile Arena between NYNY hotel and Park Hotel. There is an assortment of great restaurants and drinking establishments that have a great energy and vibe.  Also the best place to presip prior to a game or concert.  Also hit Mandalay Shops to hit up an irish pub or the burger joint. Hawaiian market place has a great vibe or just walking the strip and enjoying what pops up is always your best bet, be spontaneous and enjoy!
Q. What time do Vegas clubs close?
A. The timings vary from club to club, but a lot of them open till the wee hours of morning.
Q. What do you wear to clubs in Vegas?
A. You can wear everything but baggy jeans, tennis shoes, shorts, capris, jerseys, and beanies to clubs in Vegas.  We always say “Dress to Impress” as you want to feel good and look good in Las Vegas. 
Q. How much does it cost to get into clubs in Las Vegas?
A. Entrance is usually higher for men, $30 – $60 per person. Women, can be as low as free if you are dolled up and ready to party. However, if you have to pay the entrance fee ranges between $10 and $30.
Wait Lines could be as long as 3 hours pending if there is a special act. Of course on the Nite Tours Las Vegas VIP Club Crawl you will get into the club under 10 minutes, along with all covered pay and luxury transportation with drinks to 3 of the top nightclubs on Las Vegas.
Q. What should I not miss in Las Vegas?
A. There are plenty of places to visit in Las Vegas. Here is the list of things you should not miss when in Las Vegas.
1. Cool off at one of the amazing Pool Parties such as Wet Republic, BARE, TAO Beach and more…
2. Gambling can be fun. Hit a black jack table around happy hour, get a few drinks, share some laughs before heading out for the evening
3. Grab a wine or a cocktail and walk the Las Vegas strip from one end to another. evening is best.
4. Drama is in full effect at this free animatronic spectacle inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The 11-minute show tells the story of the Lost City of Atlantis, and what happens when the ailing King Atlas must decide which of his children should rule.
5. Hang out and Watch Bellagio Fountains . for a fee, you can take a picture with Elvis, Showgirls, even Donald Trump.
6. Visit Freemont Street Experience. lots to see and do as you visit some of the oldest casinos and hotels in Las Vegas and learn the history
7. Visit the Mob Museum
8. Explore Red Rock Canyons West of the strip – gorgeous drive, go for a hike or even have a picnic
Q. What type of gambling games should I play as i am not a big gambler but want to experience the thrill?
A. Every hotel offers lessons and opportunity to learn the games.  we always recommend trying a little bit of everything, but stay within your budget.  Black jack has 1:1 odds and is a great social game.  Roulette is also fun, trying out your lucky numbers (again if you are nervous, just ask the roulette team for guidance on how to bet).  other games like backarat or poker take skill and you may need to read up on these games before entering the arena to play
Q. Where is the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas?
A. Located inside Caesar’s Palace, Omnia Nightclub is the biggest nightclub in Las Vegas. It is a large, tri-level club that is known for its nightlife and ambiance.
Q. How much are VIP tables in Las Vegas?
A. The cost of VIP tables in Las Vegas starts from $500 and the price varies from club to club and per event.  If you go during a normal weekday evening the cost would be around $250 to $500 (ask for a deal).  Weekends are considered Peek Times, and starting rate can be $500 – $1,000 per bottle.  If they are having a concert or a special guest, rates can climb as high as $5,000 – $10,000 a table based on the event
Q. Is it safe to walk the Las Vegas Strip at night?
A. Yes and No.  Walking the strip is safe (watch for pickpockets). Usually around 3AM the strip can be a little rough as you have a lot of drunk kids running around.  Although Las Veags is cconsidered one of the world’s safest places for tourists, walking off the strip would be asking for trouble.
Q. What is a good hotel to stay at?
A. All hotels in Las Vegas are amazing, it depends where you want to be. Off Strip hotels are cheaper, and the further North you go such as Stratosphere, are valued priced.  we recommend Priceline.com to view great rates and even name your own price.  If you want adventure, we recommend staying at Red Rock Casino or Alliante, as they are close to hiking trails, Mt Charleston, etc.  Also staying in Henderson at Lake Las Vegas, pure luxury for less and a short 30 minute drive to the strip (or if you are drinking, the hotel has a shuttle service).
Q. Where can I go Shopping?
A. for quality, we recommend Fahion Show Mall, as it has all the large department stores.  Outlet Malls are on Charleston off the 215 freeway or another outlet Mall (we find has great prices) is Primm, border between NV and CA  (you can also buy lottery tickets as State of Nevada has not lottery sales).
Q. What is like to go Hiking?
A. Honestly, even if you are not a hiker you will enjoy Red Rock or even Mount Charleston hiking trails.  It’s like being taken back in time with large boulders, red rock everywhere with caves and dried up creek beds.  If you are into historical hikes, also check out Valley of Fire.  Petroglyphs left by native tribes are enscribed in the rocks throughout the valley and the hikes are gorgeous.  Make sure you take a hat, comfortable shoes, dress appropriately to the weather and LOTS OF WATER.  you will have to watch out for rattle snakes, bob cats and scorpions if you go off trail hiking.  read up and beware of the “What if’s” so you are prepared.
Q. Helicopter over the Las Vegas Strip?
A. This 12 minute ride is breathtaking by night.  most companies have a champagne flight where you toast the evening and then take the helicopter the entire length of the Las Vegas strip.  well worth the money.  we recommend Sundance or Maverick Helicopters.
Q. Want to rent a car and drive around, where do I go?
A. There are numerous companies offering exotic cars such as Ferrari, lamborghini, and so on. Or, you can rent a mustang at the economy or budget rent a cars and take the top down and cruise the strip.  If you do rent a car, we suggest visiting the following places; Red Rock Canyon, Lake Meade, Lake Las Vegas, Mount Charleston, drive the strip at night, trip to Area 51 (dont get shot and follow the signs). One night we took our car out to Red Rock and watched the stars, it was incredible (yes we had champagne).  you can also take the back roads to Palm Springs (4 hour drive) and its through the Majave desert and is a spectacul drive.  OR… hit up the Grand Canyon, its about a 2 1/2 hour drive and you won’t be dissapointed. However the road is bumpy once you drive onto the Reserve, so rent a good car.
Q. We have kids, what can we do?
A. Vegas has become somewhat kid friendly. Circus Circus is always fun with lots of rides and game to tire the kids out. watch your kids at all times, you are in Vegas!  M & M shop on the strip is great to visit.  Also Excalibur, has a show that is family focus. then there are activities such as the Waterslides, Lake Meade, and hiking with a picnic lunch.  again, please be careful and take lots of water with you at all times.  also, This zoo-like oasis in the courtyard of the Flamingo Las Vegas is home to more than 60 exotic birds (including Chilean flamingoes, of course), 20 turtles and 300 fish.  Head over to the Forum Shops as Drama is in full effect at this free animatronic spectacle inside the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. The 11-minute show tells the story of the Lost City of Atlantis, and what happens when the ailing King Atlas must decide which of his children should rule.
Q. We need to buy a few things for our room, where do we get them?
A. If you have a car, take it into Henderson (very close).  get off on Eastern, they have a Target, Albertsons grocery store and look for Lee’s Liquor (most all stores sell wine, beer and spirits).  if you dont have a car, there is walgreens all over the Las Vegas strip.
There is lots to see and do in and around Las Vegas.  It’s a great vacation spot if you are open to trying new things that you would not normally get a chance to try in your home town.  Enjoy and if you have any questions call down to your concierge or even the Las Vegas Tourism Bureau, as they have maps, and all kinds of goodies for you to enjoy your trip.  Remember, YOU are Nevada’s number one resource – everyone will make sure your trip is nothing short of spectacular.