Nite Tours Today versus Nite Tours Yesterday

Back in 1990, in Edmonton Alberta Canada, Nite Tours started the first Party Bus with a double decker bus.  The bus was naturally one of the best party buses as it had 2 floors, stripper poles throughout the bus, surround sound and a platform for the Tour Hosts to make announcements and entertain the guests.  Who would have thought that a double decker bus would be the base model for todays luxury party bus!

Darin Feth purchased 2 1966 Bristol and 1 1971 Loddeka bus from England.  These buses had seen hundred of thousands of riders and when it arrived to Canada the buses experienced a party like no other.  The Nite Tours double decker party buses were the first ever Party Buses to grace the roads.  it was more like a two floor nightclub than it was a party bus.  Nite Tours clients would walk between floors meeting people, laughing and dancing as we went between night clubs.

Today the Nite Tours buses have been designed to be pure luxury.   Yes, they still have a dance floor, a stripper pole, but they also have a full bar, surround sound, incredible nightclub lighting, luxury seating, charging stations for your phones, with high profile windows to view the Las Vegas strip.  These buses are used by movie & music stars, elite fortune 500 companies and anyone seeking a luxury experience.  Look up Earth Buses luxury limousines and you will see what we are talking about.