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Ever visit a city ready to “Let Loose” and then you find out that your whole night/vacation was ruined by going to the wrong places?  The Concierge tells you a place that is great for him or her, but not for you.  Or maybe your friends recommended a place that was cool when they visited, but now it is a creepy dive!

This is why Nite Tours continually creates new innovative tours so ONLY YOU see the best nightlife in a city.  Imagine walking up to a top club that has 700 people in a line up, and you get whisked right in like you are Robert Downey Jr or Lady Ga Ga!  This is why Nite Tours is so successful, but it does’nt stop there.  Imagine your whole evening is like this as you pull up in a luxury limo bus to visit several venues in a night.  Usually it would take anywhere from 1 to 2 hours to get into these clubs, but you are only waiting 2 to 5 minutes. To be honest, that is not even the best feature on a Nite Tours, it is the people!!!  You will be hanging out with people from around the world, partying, dancing and laughing as if you have been friends for 5 years.

Whether your single, married, with a friend, a bachelorette party or even a corporate/convention retreat Nite Tours offers class style and good times.  Each tour is hosted by “Hand Picked” Tour Hosts that only offer Quality and Service.  Your Nite Tours VIp Hosts are the life of the party and their job is to make sure you have the best time of your life!!!  The Nite Tours VIP Hosts offer engaging games, dance contests, and most of all make sure you are whisked in and out of the venues in a safe entertaining environment.

Who usually goes on Nite Tours?  It depends what you are looking for, our club crawlers are ages 21 to 45.  Our Sip Happens where you taste drinks from around the world is usually 33-59 age bracket…but it is all about how YOU FEEL, you can go on any tour and have the time of your life and Let Loose!!!