How to Enable or Disable the Lock Screen in Windows 10 & 11

The best part of using a PIN is that you don’t need to press the ENTER button after typing the PIN. To unlock your Windows 10 with a password, press any key, type in the password, and then press ENTER to gain access to the Windows. Or you can click your mouse and then type the password to gain access to your PC.

You can use ‘Windows spotlight’ to refresh the background image on the lock screen. If you don’t like a slide show or wallpaper with an image, you can use a wallpaper that has solid color and nothing else. These options were also available with the Windows 10 version. But you have more options in the background images, a faster refresh rate, and a more detailed look on the screen. You might experience a short delay when you press a key to make the screen saver disappear. In my test environment with VMware Fusion, I sometimes had to wait two seconds until the desktop appeared. You should w32time.dll was not found not have this problem on a physical machine.

  • Addresses an issue that affects Azure Active Directory .
  • After going back, you might need to reinstall some apps and programs and recustomize your settings.
  • These key updates for the OS include a lot of changes, improvements and new features, hence their name.
  • Double-click “DisableAntiSpyware” and set its value data to “1”.

Manage BitLocker – Open the BitLocker Drive Encryption window to adjust the BitLocker settings. Change what the power buttons do – Opens the System Settings for the Power Options that allows you to change what happens when you press the power button and sleep button. For example, you could change the power button to put your computer to sleep instead of shutting down the computer when it is pressed.

Turn Off HDR in Windows Display Settings

Here in the Windows Recovery Environment, click on Startup Repair and confirm the prompt. Windows will then scan and automatically fix any startup related problems if possible. The paid version offers a bit stronger scan with added features like real-time performance optimization, auto RAM cleaner, browser protection, anti-spyware, and more. I personally really love their Turbo boost feature for gaming and work. It lets me disable dozens of unrequired Windows 10 background apps to get a boost in Windows performance.

Test the Drive in Another PC and Pray

The Windows operating system and some applications installed need sufficient free space to function properly. If your system drive, generally a C drive, is almost out of space, you should consider extending the system partition to create more space for your OS. In most cases, however, further diagnostics are necessary to find the cause of the issue. If the blue screen appears, you’ll see a line of white text that identifies the problem your computer is having. You can easily look these codes up online to narrow down the issue and work toward a solution or seek assistance. Scroll down to the bottom of the next window and uncheck both the Turn on Filter Keys and Turn on Toggle Keys options.

Infrared – Open the Infrared window to adjust the infrared settings and infrared device settings (e.g., a digital camera with infrared). The Network and Internet category is shown when viewing the Control Panel as categories and allows you to view your network status and configure other network settings and preferences. Below is a list of each of the subcategories of Network and Internet in Windows 10.