Darin Feth Created Nite Tours Club Crawls

The Worlds First Club Crawl

Nite Tours was created in early 1989 by Darin Fetha man whose primary goal at one time was to make people laugh as a professional comedian.  In 1990, Darin Feth incorporated his company and started the long road of designing  tours to suit the lifestyles of people around the world, thus became the World Famous Club Crawl.  Back then there were no drinking and driving laws, people would all load into a car with not a care in the world.  It was about who you knew to get into the hot clubs, and VIP meant Movie or Music Stars.  Feth changed all of that, today everyone on a Nite Tours is considered a VIP!

1995, the media noticed Feth’s dedication to nightlife and the new innovative tours he created and began writing  several stories about his “Nightclub on wheels”.  Nite Tours offered live comedy, Karaoke and comedy skits worthy of Saturday Night Live on the double decker buses.  It did not take long before Nite Tours was taking over 1,000 people per night to the hottest nightlife in a city.  But it did not stop there, Feth started designing tours that would entice the senses of sight, touch and sound with a hint of anticipation that would get your adrenaline pumping.  Ghost Hunt, the new tour, was born!  Taking clients on a real live Ghost Hunt to some of the most haunted places in a city.  “You don’t have to be a believer in the other side to go on this tour” says Feth.  “You just need to enjoy the entertainment.  Believer or not, all clients walk away saying it is a cool tour”.

Memories that Last a Lifetime

Today Feth is designing tours that focus on “emotional value”.  What is emotional value we asked?  Feth says “it is an investment to give our Nite Tours customers Memories that will last a lifetime, where all they can say is…that was so Amazing”!  “All new tours are focused on sound, presenting incredible music, Videos, light & laser shows all on the bus for an evening the clients will never forget”.  “Every tour needs to be an experience that rivals the many shows we have in Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York”.  “Many clients may see an early show and hop on the Nite Tours the same evening…no one wants to miss a Nite Tours, in fact a lot of people focus their trips around the Nite Tours availability”, says Feth.

Feth gauges his success on the happy return of the clients that he has developed a special friendship with over the years. You will see Feth on the tours almost every weekend, saying hi having a drink with everyone on the tour.  Feth is known to fly from city to city to visit with clients and enjoy each tour.  Thursday night he may be in Chicago, Friday in San Francisco for the early tour, then hop on a plane to LA or NYC to finish the night and then zip back to Las Vegas for Saturday’s tours.  “It’s important for me to visit everyone, as I don’t consider anyone on our tours as clients, I consider them friends”.

Darin Feth is changing tourism into 4D! Focusing on the senses sight, taste, touch and sound for each and every client.  This is why he has been the Successful Winner of so many Tourism and Business Awards.  Nite Tours and Feth have won many Marketing Awards of Distinction, Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, Business Man of the Year Awards, Business Awards of Distinction, and many more…