Doing Our Part in the Community

Safety and Health of all our Global Customers

“It is now apparent that this is a public health crisis that requires major collective action to slow its progression, “This is a Temporary Closure and will reopen our Tours as soon as it is safe to do so.  Nite Tours will continue to support our employees, guests, and communities in every way that we can during this period of closure.”
“A lot of us might be relatively healthy and think we might be able to withstand the rigors of an infection. but there’s the concern about spreading it to vulnerable individuals, as well as the pressure this outbreak will place on our health care system.”

President CEO Nite Tours Las Vegas 

said it doesn’t generally issue advisories or restrictions for travel within the United States but is doing so because cases of COVID-19 have been reported in many states and some areas are experiencing community spread.

It recommends considering the following before traveling:

  • Is COVID-19 spreading where you’re going, but not where you live?
  • Will you or your travel companion(s) be in close contact with others during your trip? The risk of exposure to respiratory viruses like COVID-19 may increase in crowded settings, particularly closed-in settings with little air circulation, if there are people in the crowd who are sick.
  • Are you or your travel companion(s) at higher risk of severe illness if you do get COVID-19?
  • Do you have a plan for taking time off from work or school, in case you get exposed to, or are sick with, COVID-19 and have to self quarantine?